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    Hope College
    Aug 15, 2022  
2022-2023 Catalog 
2022-2023 Catalog


The word history comes from a Greek word meaning “inquiry.” The discipline of history is far more than the compilation of facts. It involves asking questions of various kinds of evidence and using answers to solve problems. Getting valid answers requires students to develop skills of critical thinking and careful evaluation of evidence from a variety of sources-literary, artistic, archeological, oral. History may be the most interdisciplinary of academic disciplines.

About The Program

Hope’s History Department offers courses that cover the globe and span time from the ancient world to the present day, from pre-colonial Africa and the Greek world to modern China, recent America and World War II. From various perspectives the discipline of history seeks to understand how men and women have lived in different times and places, what they have thought and experienced, and how to use their records that have come down to us.

Students (and their parents) often ask what they can do with a history major. The answer is simple: almost anything. History’s emphasis on critical thinking and writing gives students skills which are transferable to a wide range of fields. Hope history majors have found careers as teachers, lawyers, journalists, physicians, librarians, editors, researchers, museum curators, ministers and in government and foreign service. On a broader scale, a variety of fascinating and successful people were history majors in college including W. E. B. DuBois, Wolf Blitzer, ElenaKagan, Joe Biden, Martha Stewart, Chris Berman, Antonin Scalia, Katherine Hepburn and five U. S. presidents.

At Hope history can be studied in the classroom, as well as in domestic and foreign off-campus programs. Internships can be arranged; some students have done local history projects that afforded income-earning opportunities.


To accommodate the broad range of interests and career goals of its majors and other interested students, the History Department offers two majors and minors and a formal French/History double major, as well as an honors program.

Honors Program

The Honors Program in History challenges students to enrich the minimum requirements of the major through a focus on vocational discernment. The program recognizes the breadth of options available within the major and supports students in tailoring their co-curricular, academic,and research experiences to meet their vocational and long-term interests. In addition, students who graduate with Honors in History will have demonstrated exceptional academic rigor by maintaining a high GPA in History courses and working with a faculty mentor to complete a Senior Honors Project, the topic and format of which will complement the student’s vocational focus. Detailed information is available on the department’s webpage.




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